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Lexington SC Roofer: How a Roofing Company Can Get Your Insurance to Cover Your Roofing Renovation

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We’ve had hurricanes, we’ve had tropical storms, we’ve had Derechos, we’ve had tornadoes, we’ve had severe thunderstorms—and your roof is the one who suffers. Don’t suffer alone. Call your Lexington, SC roofer from CSS Roofing.

Wouldn’t it be great if your roofing company could get your insurance to cover your roofing renovation? Well, this roofing company—covering areas all over South Carolina, including Lexington, Florence, and more—can.

Not Visible to the Naked Eye

How do you know you have storm damage? Easy. Call a roofing company in Lexington, SC for roofing repair in Lexington, SC.

Damage from storms, whether from hail, wind, or wind-driven rain is not always immediately visible. In fact, the damage can sometimes be downright impossible to see from the ground.

Hail damage can drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof but hailstones normally have to be at least the size of a golf ball before they will break through your roof or cause noticeable indentations.

Wind damage can be equally difficult to see. Strong winds can lift the shingles on your roof and break the sealing strips between them, compromising the integrity of your roof and leading to leaks in as little as a year or two. But these crucial cracks may not be seen when the shingles lay back down in place after the winds have passed.

In order to know for sure whether your roof has been damaged, it is best to have a trained Lexington, SC roofer from CSS Roofing come take a look.

The Call for Roofing Repair in Lexington, SC

When you’ve experienced the force of Mother Nature, your first call is to your insurance company. Your second call should be to us, your Lexington, SC roofer.

Time is of the essence, not just because you may have a leaky roof but because you only have a limited time to make a claim. Insurance companies have a statute of limitations to make a claim.

But why should you call this roofing company in Lexington, SC? Because we want to represent you when the adjuster comes out to do his/her inspection so you can receive the claim you deserve.

The Claim

The insurance company will take a look at your property during working hours, so you might not be home to give input while the adjustment is taking place. That’s why you should be sure to have your Lexington, SC roofing company represent you during the inspection.

What if the insurance adjuster claims there is no damage, but you’re not satisfied with the results of this claim? Don’t settle for less than you deserve. You are entitled to a re-inspection by another adjuster within the same firm.

What if there are discrepancies between the adjuster’s assessment and the contractor’s assessment? If there is interior damage or damage in areas that are hard to see, the adjuster may have missed it.

But with your Lexington, SC roofer on the case, you will receive the proper assessment that you’re entitled to when it comes to roofing repair in Lexington, SC.

The Results from a Roofing Company in Lexington, SC

When you’re looking for roofing repair in Lexington, SC, homeowners insurance will cover your new roof for you. From the first gust of wind to the refreshing rainbow, this roofing company in Lexington, SC, will cover you, whether you’re in Columbia or Lexington.

Call CSS Roofing for Roofing Repair in Lexington, SC, Today

Your Lexington, SC roofer offers a complete repair package, ensuring you get the money you may have missed out on. Let our roofing company in Lexington, SC, help you weather the storm. Call CSS Roofing at 1-803-721-2652​​ to schedule an appointment for service today.

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